Thursday, 6 March 2014

The future of protection plugins.

Hey everyone, it's been a while...this post will be about the update to the grief prevention plugins. Short an simple, we've got branch mining to do:

What is happening?

The plugins listed below will be REMOVED as of Saturday 15th at 8am GMT.

  • Lockette
  • Protectionstones (Current claims will remain for another month, then unclaimed).
  • Friendlyhopper (You can all use hopper minecarts again!).

The reason for this is because of the plugin that recently came to light for me. It's called GriefPrevention

It's a damn lot simpler than having 3 separate protection plugins running which causes lagg.

What do I need to do?

If you can, please, please, please login to the server and re-protect your builds/items with the new GriefPrevention plugin. If you are unsure how to claim land just type ingame "How do i claim land?" and it will provide a link. The new GriefPrevention plugin is very smart and helps you along the way. Protect your chests first, before protecting your whole build.

If you require more claim blocks, please mail oppdelta, vido20 or cfreaper2:
EG: /mail oppdelta Hey, need more claim blocks for 1200x 25y -130z

Useful links

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The little update of updates. Horses can be locked!

Hello everyone, today I bring you great news!

You can now lock your horses to stop people riding them and stealing them. The plugin also stops players from killing your horses.

How to use:
Once you have tamed and put a saddle on a horse, you have to do the command /ht lock. Then sit on the horse you want to lock. EASY!

More info about the plugin can be found here:


In other news, we have updated to Spigot. This is an optimised version of bukkit which has already proven its worth. Less lag for everyone! Although mob spawn rates seem to be...varied.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

The post of many updates!

Hey everyone, first of all. Sorry for not updating the blog that much, I'll explain why further on.

1. Intro
2. 1.6 update?
3. Custom launcher! For the server.

1. Lately I've been looking for a job, with moderate success, in the terms of getting interviews but not actually getting the job. Anyway. With Sorvius back, the MGI force will probably return. We still hope to get the competitions going but since I've been so busy I've never got around to arranging anything. Hopefully Sorvius can help with that.

2. With 1.6 being released next week there are a few things to mention. First, awesome work to the people who have been digging at the Global Horse Highway.  Much appreciated.

The NETHER, ONLY, will be regenerated. When the server updates, the old nether will be deleted to let it regenerate, for the new strongholds. (Since that's how you get armour for your horses). If you have any possessions in the nether, go get them now.

If you use the OPPCraft Launcher you wont need to worry about the updating. When the server updates to 1.6 (Which we hope will be the same day...if not it might take a couple days) the launcher will update to 1.6 when the server is running 1.6.

1.6 is a big update, in terms of gameplay mechanics. This will slow the bukkit updating process. If you want to continue playing on the server, don't update your Minecraft right away, or at least have a backup of your current version. Alternatively you can use the Launcher.

3. For those who still don't know, the server has its own custom launcher with mods! You can download it here.

It is currently in the Beta stages with it's Alpha tools slowly being moved over. It runs Optifine HD and Reis Minimap.

Me and thosam have some good plans for this. The ALPHA version has the server map built in and we're hoping to get it to link into your OPPCraft accounts. Making trading and events more easier to arrange. So if you still haven't got it, get it! I've personally looked over all the coding and it doesn't store your password or send it to a database for keepings. You can view the source code here:

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Global Horse Highway [G.H.H]

Hey everyone, we've decided to create a highway for horses, which will appear in 1.6. It will span the entire map from spawn to the edges. (6000 blocks in each direction). It will also have beacons every 200 blocks with Speed2, to keep the horses running faster.

If you fancy helping out, go to the coordinates "0 64 0". Choose a direction and start digging!

Road Pattern

  • Road has to be 5 blocks wide.
  • Road has to be 4 blocks high (Avoid suffocation).
  • If a jungle biome is approaching, dig UNDER it...go down to Y: 50 until you're out of it.
  • Bridge over gaps that will be higher than 3 blocks. EG: Rivers.
  • The highway ground block has to be CLAYBLOCKS.
    • Although it doesn't at this stage.
  • When applicable, you can make the road mold/form to the terrain, if it's not too sharp. (Flatlands, Desert). Instead of carving a horrible line through it. Although try to remain near on Y:64.
  • If you bump into someones property, dig down to Y:54 under it.
  • If molding to terrain use stone-brick slabs to go up terrain. Pic below

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Server offline until further notice

Issue resolved. :D

The server has suffered a little harddrive issue, for safety reasons to avoid corruption I've turned it off until the issue is resolved. There is no ETA on this. Sorry.


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Everything is fixed, to clean up the mess.

The SQL problem has been resolved but the mess is huge. It's going to take all of today and possible tomorrow to fix all the issues and reset the plugins.

For now, everyone except staff are a [Temp] rank...this will allow you to do your home teleports and at least build. For now.

If you were the [R] rank,, this whole temp rank wont really affect you.

Sorry for all the hassle but hey, it's fixed! *dies*


Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Server Downtime

Service has been restored! ^^

Hello everyone, as of this post. The server is currently down due to a disk drive failure. The host has been contacted and they are currently fixing the problem. Once they have tested the new drive is functioning properly the server will be back up.

There is no known ETA on the server being back up.

Sorry for the inconvenience.